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Maryland Train Accident Lawyer

Experienced Washington DC and Maryland Train Accident Lawyer – Attorney Walter E. Laake, Jr.

Because of the very nature of a train, accidents involving trains can result in devastating injuries and loss of life.  Whether a train derails, collides with another train, collides with a vehicle on the tracks or a person on the tracks, at the very least an injury is almost always bound to occur.  Trains typically weight around 250 tons, and because of the extreme length of a train combined with its weight, trains can be a lethal force to contend with.  Train engineers and operators know that it can over a mile to stop a long, heavy train completely, and when dealing with something that substantial and potentially deadly, there is no room for error.

Recent tragic events involving a train collision in Los Angeles show that new technology, while in some instances makes train travel and train crossings even safer, can also be an extreme hazard and compromise train safety.  It's believed the operator, who was among the 25 sadly killed in the accident, was sending a text message and missed a signal for the train to stop.  These kinds of accidents unfortunately will become more common as more and more people own personal devices like cell phones and other gadgets.

Long hours and operator fatigue also can play a part in train accidents, as can worn or faulty tracks, improper lights and barriers at railroad crossings, faulty equipment on the trains themselves and at check stations, and other operator errors, either by those on the trains or stationary operators.

For Train Accident Victims, Lawsuits & Settlements in Washington DC, Prince Georges County and Montgomery County

A Maryland train accident lawyer like Walter E. Laake, Jr. understand the pain and devastation one feels when injured or when they've lost a loved one to a train accident, and can navigate the laws and make the process as easy as possible for you in this difficult time.

Walter E. Laake Jr. is a Maryland Personal Injury Attorney. Our main emphasis includes: Automobile Accidents, Medical Malpractice, Product Liability, Sexual Harassment and Violent Crimes.

Other areas of practice include: Train Car Accident, Train Pedestrian Accident, Train Accident Lawsuit, Train Accident Settlement, Train Accident Victims, Car And Train Accidents

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