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Experienced Washington DC and Maryland Toxic Mold Lawyer – Attorney Walter E. Laake, Jr.

Maryland Toxic Mold Lawyer

If you have suffered injury or ongoing health problems related to toxic mold, you may not know how to proceed to best protect your interests and seek recovery for the loss that you have suffered.  It is important that you consult with a Maryland toxic mold lawyer today any time your health has suffered through the negligence of a third party.  Toxic mold can not only lead to horrible health issues but can also lead to death when undetected and untreated.  Do not wait a minute – call your Maryland toxic mold lawyer today to begin working to remedy the loss you have suffered because of toxic mold.

You can encounter toxic mold in a variety of situations within your life.  If you rent the structure that you live in, toxic mold may be present within your walls, your heating ducts, or even above your ceiling.  It is possible that this toxic mold may never be seen and instead can only be found after you have already become ill.  It is your landlord’s responsibility to be aware of the presence of toxic molds through periodic checks on your home or apartment.  They can engage trained professionals to specifically seek out toxic mold.  When they have not done so and toxic mold has caused you or your loved ones to become ill, you must work with your Maryland toxic mold lawyer to hold them responsible for their negligence.

You can also come into contact with toxic mold within your workplace.  Without every having touched any mold, you may breathe in spores that can make you grievously ill.  Contact your Maryland toxic mold lawyer today in order to work to hold your employer responsible when your workplace has made you ill.  You may also be entitled to compensation for the loss of your health.

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