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Frequently Asked Questions

Experienced Washington D.C. and Maryland Sexual Harassment Attorney – Lawyer Walter E. Laake, Jr.

Maryland Sexual Harassment Attorney

Sexual harassment is illegal under both Maryland law and federal law.  You have rights as an employee, so if you feel you're being harassed you should contact our Maryland sexual harassment lawyer to discuss your case.

Sexual harassment can take many forms. There are actually two distinct types of sexual harassment that occur in the workplace, quid pro quo and a hostile work environment. 

Quid pro quo literally means “this for that.”  This is the type of sexual harassment in which an employer or someone in authority over you makes it clear that you must submit to an unwelcome behavior as a condition of employment.  Your submission to this behavior or rejection of it directly affects this person's employment decisions. An extreme example of this would be being fired because you refused unwanted attentions, but often the actions are more subtle, such as being overlooked for good assignments, or being demoted. 

The other classification of sexual harassment is a hostile work environment. This involves workplace behavior by other employees and employers that make you uncomfortable, such a sexual talk, comments on your physical appearance, crude language, touching, using sexualized or demeaning terms to speak to you such as “baby,” and even telling off-color jokes.

It's important that if you feel sexually harassed, you make your feelings clear to your employer and coworkers, and ask them to stop the behavior. Report this behavior to your human resources department, and carefully document every incident in which you feel sexually harassed 

Any unwanted sexual attention or sexual pressure you feel while in the workplace is sexual harassment, whether your job feels threatened because of it or you feel you're working in a sexually hostile environment.  You should contact a Maryland sexual harassment attorney with the details of your situation and let him advise you.

Have you been a victim of sexual harassment? If you or anyone you know requires the services of an experienced DC and Maryland Sexual Harassment Attorney, please contact Walter E Laake, Jr. today.

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