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Maryland Premises Liability Attorney

Premises Liability – Washington D.C. / Maryland Personal Injury Lawyer Walter E. Laake, Jr.

Premises Liability claims proceed under the principle that property owners have the responsibility to take reasonable care to protect guests and passersby from dangerous conditions. Property owners and construction site operators are accountable for injuries that occur as a result of dangerous conditions on their premises, except in cases of trespassing. Washington D.C. / Maryland area personal injury lawyer Walter E. Laake, Jr. has filed premises liability claims involving:

Animal Bites

Pet owners are responsible for any injuries or property damage their animals cause. Unless the pet owner can prove that the victim was deliberately and persistently antagonizing the animal, the pet owner is liable for any medical bills, lost wages, and pain and suffering that result. Washington D.C. personal injury lawyer Walter E. Laake, Jr. has handled many animal bite cases, and can help you receive proper care and adequate compensation.

Inadequate Security

The owners of apartment complexes, hotels, motels, and parking garages must take reasonable caution to provide their visitors with a safe environment. Crime that occurs as a result of inadequate security is their responsibility. In 2001, Washington D.C. / Maryland area personal injury lawyer Walter E. Laake, Jr. recovered $1.8 million for a mother and her two children from their apartment complex for inadequate security that allowed the death of their husband and father. If you feel you have suffered as a result of inadequate security, contact our office today.

Construction Site Accidents

Construction sites can be dangerous places, for both construction workers and passersby alike. These sites are governed by specific regulations designed to ensure that construction firms take reasonable precautions to protect their workers and other citizens. If you have been a victim of a construction site accident, you deserve compensation. Washington D.C. area personal injury lawyer Walter E. Laake, Jr. can help you receive medical care as well as compensation for you time, money, and aggravation.

Lead Paint Poisoning

Old lead-based paint can chip and peel, exposing children to the dangerous compound. Exposure to lead can lead to learning disabilities, hearing difficulties, and stunted growth, among other things. Often caring for a child with special needs resulting from lead poisoning is expensive. Maryland personal injury lawyer Walter E. Laake, Jr. can help lead poisoning victims receive the proper care, and recover compensation from the responsible parties. Landlords, property owners, property managers, lead removal contractors, municipalities, and government entities are all commonly liable in lead poisoning cases. If you think you or your children have been exposed to lead, contact our office today.

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Swimming Pool Injuries

Homeowners, municipalities, and businesses that have swimming pools are required by law to take precautions to prevent injuries and restrict access by children. Failure to do so can make these parties liable for drowning, brain damage from near drowning, head and spinal cord injuries from diving accidents, and any injury that results from a hazardous pool situation. If you or a loved one has been injured in an unsafe swimming pool, contact the offices of Washington D.C. area personal injury lawyer Walter E. Laake, Jr.

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