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Experienced Washington D.C. and Maryland Nursing Home Abuse Attorney – Attorney Walter E. Laake, Jr.

Maryland Nursing Home Abuse Attorney

Working in a nursing home or assisted care facility can be a very stressful and demanding occupation. Unfortunately, abuse or negligence on the part of some employees who succumb to this pressure is not uncommon. If you suspect that you or a loved one has been harmed as a result of nursing home abuse or negligence, Maryland / Washington D.C. area personal injury lawyer Walter E. Laake, Jr. can help. In most cases, the management of the nursing home can be held accountable for the actions of its employees, and you can receive compensation for you or a loved one’s suffering.

Have you been a victim of nursing home abuse? If you or anyone you know requires the services of an experienced DC and Maryland Nursing Home Abuse Attorney, please contact Walter E Laake, Jr. today.

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