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Washington D.C. Attorney Walter E. Laake, Jr. - Breaking Legal News

No Verdict yet in Malpractice Suit

01/09 - National Legal News

A verdict is still on the way in a medical malpractice case against an orthopedic surgeon who failed to notice a blood clot in the leg of a sophomore from Manchester High School who died of a pulmonary embolism.

Galveston Man Feels Bad, but Files Personal Injury Suit against Church Anyway

01/09 - National Legal News

A Galveston man is reluctantly filing a lawsuit against Compton Memorial Church of God in Christ because he claims that the church knew of a hole in which he tripped and fell, ultimately injuring his hip.

Jury to begin Deliberations in Six-Week Medical Malpractice Trial

01/09 - National Legal News

The jury of a medical malpractice case that was in trial for six weeks is set to begin deliberations regarding the outcome of the case.

Ground Victims File Personal Injury Lawsuit against Cessna Owner for Plane Crash into House

01/09 - National Legal News

Three ground victims of a plane crash that occurred in April of 2008 are filing a personal injury lawsuit against the pilot of the Cessna and the plane’s owner for injuries incurred when the plane crashed into their house.

Trial Lawyers Ask Obama to Expand Product Liability

01/09 - National Legal News

A group of trial judges is asking President Barack Obama to "restore the traditional balance between federal regulation and state-based consumer protections and ensure injured Americans have access to the courts when injured by negligence or misconduct."

Investors Sue Sunwest

01/09 - National Legal News

Sunwest Management has had a lawsuit filed against their company for breach of contract, fraud, professional negligence, breach of fiduciary duty and much more.

Judge Dismisses Consolidated Suit against Medtronic

01/09 - National Legal News

A Minnesota district court judge has dismissed a consolidated lawsuit brought by individuals and companies against Medtronic Inc.

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