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Experienced Washington DC and Maryland Motor Vehicle Defects Lawyer – Attorney Walter E. Laake, Jr.

Maryland Motor Vehicle Defects Lawyer

Motor vehicle manufacturers have minimum safety standards which their vehicles must meet.  Many provide safety features which go above and beyond these minimums, because they are concerned that their vehicles are safe.  They want the vehicles they sell to be “crashworthy” which means the design of the interior of the vehicle seeks to minimize injury to the occupants of the vehicle when a collision does occur.  However, sometimes things go wrong and a motor vehicle can be designed or poorly built, and this negligence can cause or contribute to devastating injuries and even death. 

Maryland motor vehicle defects lawyer Walter E. Laake, Jr. is experienced in dealing with all types of cases involving motor vehicle defects and recalled motor vehicles.  He can look at your situation and determine if the motor vehicle contributed to your injury, or the injury or death of a loved one.

Motor vehicles are not always recalled because of a design flaw, but often parts in a motor vehicle will prove defective and cause injury.  Some of the more commons types of defects are seatbelts that do not protect the passengers and restrain them properly during a crash; airbags that do not deploy in a collision; defective brakes; roof structures that offer little protection particularly if a vehicle rolls in a collision; defective tires; and a defective gas tank placement.  Motor vehicles have been recalled quickly in the case of gas tank issues, particularly when it is found that the tank is located in such a way that fire or an explosion can occur in a collision. 

A Maryland motor vehicle defects lawyer can determine if the vehicle or part of a vehicle was dangerous or defective at the time of its manufacture, and properly handle all the details of your personal injury or wrongful death claim.

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