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Experienced Washington DC and Maryland Legal Malpractice Lawyer – Attorney Walter E. Laake, Jr.

Maryland Legal Malpractice Lawyer

Just because a case ends with an unfavorable result, it does not necessarily mean that legal malpractice has occurred.   However, sometimes lawyers do fail to act properly in representing clients.  When a client is injured, which in this case means suffered a financial loss, due to the lawyer's negligence or incompetence then a case of legal malpractice can be established.

A Maryland legal malpractice lawyer can represent you in a legal malpractice case and work to help you the legal result you should have received in the first place.  You can recoup some, all, and sometimes more than you might have gotten had your lawyer given you proper representation.

Some types of legal malpractice occur when a lawyer lets a statute of limitations run out on a claim before filing suit or in some other way does not file a claim soon enough to achieve a favorable result.   Other examples of lawyer’s malpractice include when a lawyer cheats or defrauds a client, commits errors, does not act when necessary, or when a lawyer inadvertently discloses too much information to the opposing party through negligence or incompetence.

A Maryland legal malpractice lawyer is experienced in cases like these, and knows that to prove legal malpractice it must be shown that the lawyer acted in a negligent or unethical manner, that you would have obtained a favorable outcome if not for those actions, and because of the lawyer’s negligence you suffered damages.  The most common types of cases that involve legal malpractice are divorces, business contracts and transactions, personal injury claims and cases where a party contests a will.  However, in almost any legal matter it is possible for a negligent or incompetent lawyer to commit malpractice.  Maryland malpractice lawyer, Walter E. Laake, Jr., can assess your case and determine if it is possible for you to be compensated for damages if legal malpractice has occurred.

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