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Experienced Washington DC and Maryland Lead Paint Poisoning Lawyer – Attorney Walter E. Laake, Jr.

Maryland Lead Paint Poisoning Lawyer

The most common cases involving lead poisoning occur when children live in homes or go to daycare centers where the paint on the walls contained lead.  The children breath dust from this lead paint, put paint chips in their mouths, or touch the lead paint and then put their fingers in their mouths, transferring traces of lead that way.  Some children's products and even children's toys have been found to contain lead and have been recalled because of it.

Lead is dangerous because it poisons our systems, and no one is more susceptible to the effects of lead poisoning than children because it interferes with their growth and proper development.  Use of lead-based paint was not outlawed until 1978, and the Department of Housing and Urban Development estimates that almost three quarters of homes built before 1980 contain lead-based paint.  If your child has been diagnosed with lead poisoning, you may have lived in a home with this dangerous paint, and you owe it to your child to contact a Maryland lead paint poisoning lawyer today.

Even small amounts of lead can have devastating consequences in children. Lead affects a child's brain and can cause a variety of conditions like seizures, convulsions, brain injuries, injuries to the child's nervous system, slowed growth and abnormalities, mental retardation, and even coma and death. Because lead paint becomes dangerous when it starts flaking or chipping, it has been advised for years that any home or structure in which lead paint was used be properly treated and painted with non-lead paints to prevent lead poisoning problems. 

Even low levels of lead have been linked to lower IQ scores in children, learning disabilities, ADHD, ADD and other attention problems, hyperactivity, even antisocial behavior, and criminal behavior.

If your child has suffered from lead poisoning, it is important to immediately contact Maryland lead paint poisoning lawyer Walter E. Laake, Jr. to discuss your options.

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