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Experienced Washington DC & Maryland Emergency Room Negligence Lawyer – Attorney Walter E. Laake, Jr.

Maryland Emergency Room Negligence Lawyer

When you are injured or become seriously ill, you trust the emergency staff to handle your medical emergency in a professional, efficient manner. Unfortunately, negligence is more likely to occur in a hospital's emergency department than any other area of the hospital.  Many emergency rooms operate with too few staff members which requires those staff members present to work long hours and treat emergency cases while extremely fatigued, which can result in mistakes. That coupled with the high volume of patients in some emergency rooms is a formula for disaster.

Because speed is important in emergency rooms, particularly when dealing with some injuries and illnesses, it is more likely that you will be given a wrong diagnosis or treatment, especially if the staff is exhausted, inexperienced, or poorly trained to handle such medical emergencies.

If you have suffered injury because of a mistake or negligence when you sought emergency medical treatment, you should contact Maryland emergency room negligence lawyer Walter E. Laake, Jr. today to discuss your options. 

The most common emergency room errors include incorrect lab tests, misdiagnosis, a diagnosis that comes too late after an injury or illness has done devastating damage, failure to properly monitor patients, failure to properly evaluate a patient, failure to treat the correct condition, and wrong medications and blood transfusions. The doctors and nurses are not the only medical personnel that can be held responsible for emergency room negligence.  Any technicians assigned to do lab tests or read x-rays can be held accountable if it is shown they were negligent. 

ER malpractice is a growing form of medical malpractice, particularly when unreasonable wait times allow an injury or illness to do further damage, so you should contact a Maryland emergency room negligence lawyer to discuss your options if you suspect you have suffered an injury because of an emergency department's negligence or incompetence.

Do you suffer from injuries from emergency room negligence? If you or anyone you know is in need of the services of a Maryland Medical Malpractice Attorney, please contact experienced attorney Walter E. Laake, Jr., today.

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