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Experienced Washington DC and Maryland Dental Malpractice Lawyer – Attorney Walter E. Laake, Jr.

Maryland Dental Malpractice Lawyer

When you see a dentist and something he or she does results in more dental problems or health problems, it's possible that dental malpractice has occurred.  There are several different types of dental malpractice, including anesthesia errors, failure to diagnose oral cancer, misdiagnosis of oral cancer, lack of the proper license and qualifications, permanent numbness or gum infection in the treated area, root canal errors, crown errors (cutting teeth incorrectly), cosmetic surgery and orthodontic errors, dental surgery errors, radiation-related injuries, unnecessary tooth extraction or extracting the incorrect tooth, nerve damage, and many more errors that result in pain, prolonged dental problems, illness and even death. A Maryland dental malpractice lawyer has experience in handling these types of cases, and  the many not listed here, as well. 

Performing certain procedures without informed consent is another form of dental malpractice.  Informed consent means that you, the patient, has agreed to a medical procedure only after being informed of all the potential risks associated with a procedure.

Dental malpractice typically occurs because the dentist makes an error, or is negligent or incompetent and causes the patient pain, and more dental or health problems.  Dental malpractice cases also include those in which the dentist intentionally causes injury or acts improperly, such as inappropriately touching a patient while under the affects of anesthesia.  These are serious cases that deserve a Maryland dental malpractice lawyer's expertise.

Dental equipment that isn't properly sterilized, lack of proper hand washing and hygiene, lack of gloves, masks or other proper safety equipment can all result in injury or illness that falls under dental malpractice. A procedure that causes more problems that the one it was intended to fix can also fall under that umbrella.  Contact a Maryland dental malpractice lawyer today if you believe you've suffered due to a dental professional's negligence or mistakes.

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