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Experienced Washington DC and Maryland Defective Products Lawyer – Attorney Walter E. Laake, Jr.

Maryland Defective Products Lawyer

The U.S. Consumer Product Safety Commission estimates that about 22,000 deaths occur each year as a result of defective products, and over 29 million injuries occur because of them.  A Maryland defective products lawyer handles product liability cases like these, in which injury or death was caused by a product that was dangerous or defective.  Under Maryland law, a person has to prove that the product which caused the injury was sold to him or her in a defection or dangerous condition.  This is known as strict liability.  What this means is that it is not necessary to prove the manufacturer knew it was dangerous, or was even negligent in designing the product.  Only that the product, when purchased, was dangerous or defective for any reason.

Maryland defective products lawyer Walter E. Laake, Jr. knows how to proceed in a product liability case to ensure the manufacturer is held accountable for a defective product.  There is no one category for these products, they run the gamut from small items like lighters to large items like vehicles and heavy equipment.  Medical devices also fall under strict liability.

There are two other types of claims besides strict liability for product liability under Maryland law, negligence and breach of warranty.  Negligence is when the manufacturer does not do what is reasonable to make the product safe.  A breach of warranty is the breaking of the contract of warranty in which the manufacturer fails to make good on the claims laid out in the product warranty.

And besides medical devices, pharmaceuticals can also fall under defective products, particularly those that are released to the marketplace and prescribed widely, then recalled because they cause illness, injury and death.  Maryland defective products lawyer, Walter E. Laake, Jr., knows the details of product liability and can determine if you have a valid claim against a manufacturer.

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