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Experienced Washington DC and Maryland Architectural Negligence Lawyer – Attorney Walter E. Laake, Jr.

Maryland Architectural Negligence Lawyer

If you have suffered injury or loss, or a loved one has suffered or died as a result of architectural malpractice, you should contact Maryland architectural negligence lawyer Walter E. Laake, Jr.  He can investigate your case and determine if architectural negligence was a cause of your injury, and seek compensation for your damages.

When design or construction professionals are negligent, and the result is injury, major financial loss which can include loss of income, or death, may occur.  Professionals who can be held accountable for these losses include contractors, subcontractors, engineers, manufacturers, builders and architects. Structures in which architectural negligence can cause injury are retail establishments, schools, office buildings, apartments, and any structure where injury or worse occurs  as a result of design or building flaws. Falling from stairs, elevators, escalators, balconies and walkways where there's nothing to prevent such a fall is a common type of architectural negligence case.

Other things that can result in an architectural negligence claim are violations of building codes, design that leads to water damage where the walls or foundation crack, improper inspections in both new construction and renovations, use of defective or inadequate building materials including dry construction goods like roofing materials and insulation as well as pipes and electric wiring, improper application of surveys, shoddy all-around workmanship and lack of supervision on building projects.

If you think architectural negligence caused your injury, loss of wages, or caused a loved one's death, you have the right to file suit against the responsible parties to seek damages for your losses.  You should contact a Maryland architectural negligence lawyer like Walter E. Laake, Jr. to discuss your case.

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