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Experienced Washington DC and Maryland Accounting Errors Lawyer – Attorney Walter E. Laake, Jr.

Maryland Accounting Errors Lawyer

Accounting errors fall into many different categories. Some examples of accounting malpractice include: not revealing conflicts of interest, not advising a client of the necessity of an audit, not representing the true value of an enterprise, assisting a client in committing fraud or tax evasion, and violating the Accounting Code of Conduct.

Other instances of accounting errors include assisting clients in evading taxes or advising individuals to ignore the tax code, giving incorrect tax advice, manipulating stock values improperly and misapplying accounting principles that ultimately lead to fines and monetary losses for the client.

If you have suffered monetary loss or damages because of any of these situations, you should contact Maryland accounting errors lawyer Walter E. Laake, Jr. to have an experienced attorney on your side, protecting your rights.

When you employ an accounting professional to handle your finances, you have the right to expect honest and forthright service and advice. When that trust is broken, not only can it be painful, but the financial losses can be devastating. Incorrect tax advice can have far-reaching consequences, and can even result in criminal proceedings for tax evasion. At a minimum, you will end up paying far more than necessary, due to interest and penalties. Tax liability, for income tax or estate tax make up the majority of accounting malpractice cases.

However, theft during an audit and use of incorrect real estate appraisals, either by negligence or incompetence, can also result in lawsuits for accounting malpractice. Walter E. Laake, Jr. is a Maryland accounting errors lawyer who has handled numerous malpractice cases and who can help you obtain the best result possible.

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